About Us

The Florida Society of Neonatology (aka FSN) is a membership organization committed to improving the quality of care in neonatal intensive care units throughout Florida and beyond. Among the stated purposes of FSN are:

* To promote the growth and development of a neonatal health system in Florida with major emphasis being placed on promoting and coordinating a health care delivery system to effect a reduction in perinatal and infant morbidity and mortality in the State of Florida.

* To afford ample opportunities to its members to associate and exchange ideas and developments regarding their common neonatal medical practice.

* To cooperate with all others who are endeavoring to carry out in good faith the promotion of a neonatal health care system in the State of Florida for the major purpose of reducing infant morbidity and mortality.

* To provide an entity for the association of person having some common interest in neonatal medicine, and to further promote such common neonatal health care interest and not to engage in a regular business of a kind ordinarily carried on for profit, with no part of the net earnings of the corporation inuring to the benefit of any member, director, or officer.

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